Stress Solution Series

Learn How To Craft Your Personal Stress Blueprint

So You Can Show Up In The Work The Way You Want To Be Seen 



7 Days + 7 Shifts = 1 Personalized Solution

Day 1: Navigating Stress in the Current Crisis and Beyond


Everything in our personal and professional lives have shifted due the pandemic. This fact has challenged us to creativity introspectively explore our stressors and build resilience. So how do you navigate this new normal so that you are mentally and physically healthy? I'll tell you how during the Stress Solution Series.



Day 2: Identifying Stressors in Your Life Right Now


While in the midst of a crisis, much of our stressors have been scattered throughout various aspects of our lives.  There are gaps in time when we should STOP and check-in with ourselves. 



Day 3: The Secret to Unlocking Sustainable Stress Management Solutions


I know you have heard of various stress management activities to manage stress. However, we will cover the number one secret to sustainable stress management that is not often discussed.



Day 4: Building Your Mindset to Combat Stress


Stress management enhances your overall well being, and allow you to show up in the world the way you want to be seen.  I can give you the best stress management techniques in the world, but unless you get your mind right, nothing will change. So in this special session, I'll share my 3 secrets on what it really takes to build a mindset for sustainable stress management. 


Day 5: Craft Your Personalized Stress Management Blueprint


On Day 5, we'll craft your personalized stress management blueprint that you can implement right away. How is this done?  I will show you how.


Day 6: Stress And Movement 


Stress can be paralyzing and cause us to literally feel stuck. Here we will learn the science behind movement, not exercise, that can reduce any type of stressor. 


Day 7: SAC


When you make the decision to make stress management a priority, you need a few essential things to ensure your success. I will share the 3 essential anchors to make stress management a lifestyle.



A Little Bit About Wendy

Wendy Garvin Mayo is a passionate Board-Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner, Stress Solution Strategist, Author and Certified John Maxwell International Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with over 20 years in the healthcare industry.  Wendy is also the CEO and Founder the Nurse Wellness Mentorship and Host of the Nurse Wellness Podcast.

She currently serves as the President of the Central Connecticut Oncology Nursing Society, member of The American Institute of Stress Daily Life & Workplace Stress board, sits on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut League for Nursing, and advisor for the Johnson & Johnson nursing employee resource group.

Wendy has experience in various nursing sectors such as clinical, leadership, research, academia, and pharmaceuticals.

Throughout her career, she has served as a leader who has helped shaped the lives of patients, caregivers, and nurses.

What Others Have Said About Wendy's Trainings

"Thank you!! Your presentation was invaluable, I have received emails from members expressing their appreciation. The topic and tools you provided us are so practical and achievable."

- Dr. Krol


"With COVID surrounding our daily lives, stress is affecting us all on different levels. You had some great outlet suggestions that we all should do daily... You have certainly done some research and the CME Committee appreciates your time preparing and presenting! Keeping doing what you do best!"

- Dr. Varma