Are You Looking For  Sustainable Solutions To Enhance Your Well-being? 

Align with your PURPOSE, Be in control of your THOUGHTS, and IMPACT the world with your unique GIFT.


Stress Blueprint Academy

The Stress Blueprint Academy is a 12-week experience that utilizes a proven 5-step approach to help you hone-in on your purpose and transform your life.  The Stress Blueprint Academy utilizes evidenced-based models to provide a customized foundation for you to set intentions on the enhancement of well-being through stress management, mindset shifts, emotional intelligence, wellness practices, and personal development. The overall goal of the Stress Blueprint Academy is to empower you to Be your Best, Do your Best, and Give your Best so they show up in the world the way they want to be seen. 

If you are...

√ Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out

√ Mentally and physically exhausted

√ Feeling stuck in your personal or professional  life

√ Not showing up in the world the way you want to be seen

√ Feeling out of control

√ Not aligned with your purpose


This Academy Is For You

What You'll Get...

Stress Blueprint Academy

Multidisciplinary Approach 

Enjoy engaging with experts in the well-being/wellness field to enhance the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, spiritual, and occupational aspects go your life to accelerate you towards your goals.



Exclusive Membership Portal

Access to an exclusive membership portal with on-demand bite-size training videos. This 100% digital platform is available at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Engaging Training

Get an opportunity to learn health and wellness strategies that positively impact your overall mental and physical health. You will also have an opportunity to participate in masterminds to propel you forward in meeting your personal well-being goals.




You'll Also Get...

  • Evidence-based Assessments- Identify your current stressors and ways they are impacting your life. 
  • Mastermind Training- Enjoy trainings to equip you with the tools you need to drive you towards sustainable strategies that will lead you to your life goals. 
  • Motivational Mindset Training - Mindset training underpins developing and adopting stress management solutions to optimize your overall health and wellness.  
  • Supportive Community - Enjoy access to a private community to receive encouragement, share wins (BOOM Moments), ask questions, and receive timely responses.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment and Debrief Session - To gain a better understanding of your level of self awareness and management & social awareness and management
  • Transformational Series - Attendees will come together to work on values for learning and personal growth!  
  • Retreat - Enjoy  time with other members to (Re)set, (Re)engage, and (Re)charge. 

Listen to What Our Clients Are Saying.... 


Meet the Founder...

Wendy Garvin Mayo, APRN, ANP-BC

Stress Solution Strategist & Emotional Intelligence Consultant 

Wendy Garvin Mayo is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years in the healthcare industry. Mrs. Mayo is also a Certified Life Coach who is known as the Stress Solution Strategist and Emotional Intelligence Consultant who has authored several articles and appeared on various  platforms to present on stress management. 

Mrs. Mayo currently serves as a member of The American Institute of Stress Daily Life & Stress board, advisor for Johnson & Johnson's Nurse employee resource group, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut League for Nursing.

Wendy has experience in various nursing sectors such as clinical, leadership, research, academia, and pharmaceuticals. Throughout her career, she has served as a leader who has helped shaped the lives of patients, caregivers, and nurses.

Mrs. Mayo also has significant program development experience in the corporate sector where her efforts have provided benefits to team members, received numerous accolades, and served as a national model.